Engine Technologies Giant Keeps a Close Eye on Process Fluctuation



Aerospace & Defense

A large aerospace engine manufacturer is fueling continuous improvement by generating colorful WinSPC insight charts.

The aerospace company is using WinSPC to collect and display product measurements from the company’s many Quality test stands throughout the plant. Product manufacturing information is displayed on summarative, actionable charts.

Tracking production variability was a goal of the aerospace giant, and they are now realizing that goal by using WinSPC to keep the appropriate personnel abreast of variability through WinSPC’s live data views. This information allows for timely response and resolution of problems.

The quality measurements of the company’s intricate products are taken by a variety of means:

  • Test stands
  • Dial gauges
  • High-end wireless gauges
  • Quality personnel entry

WinSPC is used to gather product information from these disparate sources and allow shop floor and management to see it all in a unified paradigm.

The company is also using WinSPC to pass production data onto its Tableau business analytics application, giving management and executives quick views of key financial metrics. The company also uses WinSPC to create pre-formatted reports on its most critical manufacturing aspects in order to succeed in the area of product validation.

About WinSPC Quality Systems

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