ERP System Fuels Success Through Increased Productivity




As you’re sipping a fresh Starbucks®, the phone rings. On the other end is a construction customer needing a rush order of one million dollars’ worth of zinc yellow glazed fasteners. What do you do first? One option is to spring from your desk, grab your stack of rainbow-colored spreadsheets, and sprint to your warehouse to call for an immediate inventory count. Suspecting there’s insufficient on-hand quantity, you call your other warehouses for their stock levels. While you wait for them to get you totals, you run to purchasing to find out the availability and prices of raw materials needed to cover your inventory shortfalls within a shortened window of time. Having already covered enough distance to burn out your Fitbit®, you still need to race to shipping to scrutinize the smudged schedule on their dry erase board before rushing off to accounting… Doesn’t that sound exhausting? You bet your fastener it does!

A Better Option

Fortunately, another option exists. By utilizing ERP-ONE business software, users have all of the necessary applications at their fingertips. ERP-ONE eliminates the need to root through filing cabinet s or sort old emails to access the data you need. And you can handle it all from the comfort of your desk before your coffee gets cold.

Fastener professionals understand that printed spreadsheets and whiteboards are not an efficient solution for modern sup-ply chain management. If you don’t have streamlined functionality, you will lose sales. Correctly leveraging technology within your business process is key to remaining competitive within the fastener industry. As an all-inclusive turnkey solution, ERP-ONE from Distribution One helps you improve productivity through every step of your business process. Built by experts holding years of experience in inventory, technology, supply chain management, accounting, business management, sales and everything in between, ERP-ONE currently helps more than 8000 users from companies in North America and Europe run their businesses efficiently and profitably.

Process Orders Faster

With the ERP-ONE software solution, fastener professionals will process orders more quickly through the intuitive user interface and can drill down to any piece of related customer and product data instantly. ERP-ONE users will gain immediate insight into a customer’s buying pattern and payment history. ERP-ONE handles virtually any pricing situation by offering a multi-bracket price book that allows for a variety of pricing classifications.

EMPHASIS: Simulation & Information Systems

Planning and forecasting capabilities completely transform inventory management. The ERP-ONE package tracks your inventory and can report when you have stock shortages or surpluses in both single and multiple warehouse environments. VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) options enable suppliers to maintain and manage agreed-upon inventory levels of material based on the buyer’s consumption. Providing frequently requested features like Quality Control Tracking, RF Scanning and Lot Control, ERP-ONE allows greater ac-curacy and faster turnaround for every order.

ERP-ONE’s intuitive functionality improves receivables and payables through interfacing accounting transactions in the General Ledger application. All necessary manual entries are simple, one-step procedures and provide easy on-screen review prior to posting.

Additional Enhanced Capabilities

Our suite of innovative Mobile Apps features improved integrity and security to keep your vital data safe. From Mobile Order Entry and VMI Scanner to Mobile Delivery and Signature Pad, our mobile applications extend crucial functionality allowing you to be competitive everywhere you conduct business.

Adding EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables your business to be more efficient and carry out transactions at greater speeds. Since EDI allows you to handle transactions electronically, slow mundane paper transactions are a thing of the past with redundancy and human key errors being greatly reduced. Through the addition of API (Application Program Interface), you can stream real-time data anywhere for a precise operational picture when conducting off-site sales meetings, generating custom reports and building dashboard analytics.

Beyond the 2000 interconnected programs contained within ERP-ONE, Distribution One provides a host of services ranging from Consultation, Installation and Data Transfer to Training in order to help ease customers’ transition to their new software. With ERP-ONE, you also have the options of On-Premise deployment as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model designed to deliver easy deployment off-site at a hosting provider, via the Cloud, or on-site within your office.

No matter what you choose, Distribution One will be your partner through every step of the process and beyond. Once you go live on ERP-ONE, your partnership with Distribution One will provide an open avenue for sharing vital information, which in turn will produce ideas for new innovative features and valuable enhancements.

Distribution One’s team of experts understands that its success is driven by your success. We work to ensure that ERP-ONE remains the most comprehensive, interconnected software solution on the market. With ERP-ONE at the ready, your company will be able to handle whatever the next phone call brings. A visit to the website below can help you learn how to handle your business with speed and efficiency, and all from the comfort of your desk before your coffee gets cold.

Company Profile: Distribution One is an industry-leading developer of innovative customer-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business software designed specifically for the needs of wholesalers and distributors. Distribution One provides solutions and support to customers across the United States, Canada and into Europe. ERP-ONE, Distribution One’s flagship application, delivers intuitive functionality that improves the entire business process from Order Entry, Invoicing and Purchasing to Inventory and Warehouse Management and General Ledger activities.