Fluid Tank Supplier Delivers Critical Temperature Change Alerts to Line Operators




A large player in the fluid tank industry has installed WinSPC to prevent quality issues with preventative alerts on a critical aspect of the process.

A supplier to fuel tank manufacturers has installed WinSPC software to achieve its goal of applying real-time SPC statistics to its manufacturing processes.

The supplier launched in the 1950s when three men bought 30 acres of land and began forging the fuel tank part. The company grew over the years and today its main facility spans over 200,000 acres.

The supplier’s shop floor data system involves:

  1. Production lines, which run process information into…
  2. Two Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and one Siemens PLC, which run process information into…
  3. An OPC database which stores the information and shares it out to…
    • Files from which Excel reports are created and used to help understand the process, and
    • The WinSPC system which provides SPC dashboard views with standard deviation and other statistics used by staff to interpret the process and inform decisions.

The company currently calculates standard deviation on its process information. Standard deviation tells staff how much variation a process has. The staff can use this information to make decisions, such as which line will most efficiently run a new product. Calculation of standard deviation is now performed automatically in the WinSPC system. This saves time for staff.

The company had a few goals in implementing a digital SPC system.

First, the company wanted a data collection system that would handle the network disruptions present in their IT infrastructure without interruptions in the views that users interacted with. WinSPC has met the company’s expectations in this regard.

Second, the company wanted a system capable of applying real-time statistics to their processes to give them feedback as to the level of variation present in their processes and the waste inherent therein. WinSPC applies analysis and provides information about variation and changes in the process.

Third, the company aimed to equip shop floor operators with real-time alerts so that the shop floor team would be aware when a certain temperature aspect dropped too low, jeopardizing final product quality. The company intends to unroll real-time alerts using the WinSPC system.

About WinSPC Quality Systems

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