Fortune 500 Food Manufacturer Chooses WinSPC for Statistical Process Control



Food & Beverage

The company selected WinSPC to monitor, chart, and report on over 40 quality parameters in its bread-baking operations, parameters such as oven temperature, air temperature, fermentation time, symmetry, height, weight, and color.

WinSPC imports the quality parameters from a variety of sources and provides real-time feedback for corrective action while maintaining a fully compliant audit trail. The quality team expects to improve product quality, reduce waste, and improve process performance for a more consistent product.

The rollout began at one of its bread-baking facilities, which produces 20-30 varieties of breads and buns. The company’s goal is to capture the best practices established at this location and use it as a template to implement WinSPC across 60 of its factories. DataNet’s solution delivery team, which specializes in helping companies launch and manage SPC programs, spent four days on-site to assist in the launch. The team trained the company’s IT and Quality staff, helped to integrate WinSPC with the company’s proprietary data collection system, and configured the software to capture, control, and report on the quality parameters in place at the facility.

The manufacturer chose WinSPC for its ease-of-use and its ability to integrate with existing software and hardware. According to the engineers, the simple user interface will lower the implementation costs since operators need minimal training and the administrative staff can quickly configure the software to retain, analyze, and monitor multiple quality parameters.

About WinSPC Quality Systems

WinSPC empowers manufacturers to improve products, processes, and profitability through real-time statistical software solutions. Advantive strives to deliver trusted and capable technology solutions that allow manufacturers to create the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost. WinSPC provides statistical decision-making at the point of production and delivers real-time, actionable information to where it is needed most. With over 2500 customers worldwide and distributors across the globe, Advantive is dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service and support, shop-floor expertise, and training in the areas of Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing services.