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Statistical Process Control (SPC)



GAF Materials Corporation (GAFMC), North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing, uses WinSPC to reduce manufacturing variance by 39.5%, attaining its ROI in 4 months.


“WinSPC integrated easily into our processes and helped improve product quality and reliability. Since implementing WinSPC, we have seen a variance reduction of 39.5%.”

–Chris Valier
Business Intelligence Manager
GAF Materials Corp.

GAF Materials Corporation (GAFMC) is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing with annual sales of nearly $3 billion. GAFMC’s Mt. Vernon plant, the plant at which WinSPC was implemented, manufactures residential and commercial roofing products.


One of the key ingredients in producing reliable, long-lasting shingles is properly processed asphalt. Because asphalt arriving from the refinery can have a notable fluctuation in characteristics batch-to-batch, adjustments must be made during GAFMC’s oxidation process to establish consistency. To monitor the oxidation process and assess the efficacy of the adjustments made to it, an effective SPC tool is required.


GAFMC employees chose WinSPC for the following reasons:

    • WinSPC is easy-to-use and the most intuitive SPC system they could find

    • WinSPC gives the most efficient presentation of data for operators and supervisors

    • WinSPC allows for easy integration with past, present, and future systems

    • WinSPC is compatible with multiple SQL databases, supporting expansion plans


GAFMC has achieved greater control over its oxidation process costs in the manufacturing process.


GAFMC cited the following benefits achieved with WinSPC:

    • Increased end-product reliability

    • Reduced variance by 39.5%

    • Attained ROI in 4 months

    • Increased productivity and reduced downtime

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