Hayward Pipe & Supply Co.

Achieving 30% Growth with a Little Help from DDI System



Hayward Pipe & Supply Co.


Accounting, eCommerce



Hayward Pipe & Supply Company used the same software through two acquisitions. With no feature enhancements in sight, they went looking for a more advanced solution to meet their growing needs.

A magazine ad caught the attention of Greg Peddie, president of Hayward Pipe & Supply, leading him to contact DDI System. Through demonstrations and discussions, Greg realized that DDI was different than other leading software providers.

“We had a solid 30% growth in 2011 in spite of a down economy and difficulties in California. While I know DDI is not the only reason, their Inform ERP software definitely helped!”

DDI had the industry-specific features they needed plus experience with growing businesses in many other related industries. DDI System encourages networking between their Inform ERP software users through an online community and conference. “I instantly loved the ‘cross-enhancements’ that DDI’s Inform software provides. I wanted access to learn how other distributors do business, the tools and techniques they use, then incorporate the best of those ideas into my own operations. Plus, access to DDI’s large user community would provide ongoing ideas for business operations, input for software developments and ‘tips & tricks’ that would help my business in the long run.” Greg continued, “I also needed better service. Passport Business Solutions (Hayward Pipe & Supply’s old software) was expensive and unreliable.” DDI System was the answer with leading technology, forward thinking and personal service.

Getting Started

Right off the bat, Greg raves about DDI’s proven transition methods. “DDI’s plan worked really well! The switch was definitely a lot easier than anticipated for our entire team.”

DDI’s project manager was on-site for their ‘pre-implementation,’ setting up a practice system and training schedule. For the following weeks while we practiced on the system, our DDI project manager was just a phone call away. “DDI was back on-site with us for one week at ‘go-live’. They transferred our data, trained our entire staff, and answered all of our questions. In the end, the software was really easy to learn and we felt comfortable with our new solution in only 3 days.”

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