How a 3PL Fulfillment Company Effortlessly Onboards New Clients with VeraCore



G&B Fulfillment

The Company

Founded in 2018, G&B Fulfillment is an asset-light, third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse services and order fulfillment company based in California that specializes in distributing and delivering products for B2B and B2C e-commerce fulfillment. As owners of a consumer product company, the founders of G&B Fulfillment thrive on helping 3PLs scale their business by designing a process and system that facilitates growth and eliminates challenges associated with product fulfillment.

VeraCore is an efficient software that has helped us grow our business significantly. Thanks to the software, we managed to onboard new clients with ease and maintained a great uptime in the last four years.
Vincent Gulisano

Owner, G&B Fulfillment

The Challenge

As an industry veteran in the fulfillment scene, Vincent Gulisano, the Owner of G&B Fulfillment, had the opportunity to test out various upmarket warehouse management systems (WMS) like Blue Yonder at his previous companies. However, his extensive experience with these systems soon made him realize that they can be expensive and cumbersome in getting new fulfillment clients set up quickly, especially for mid-sized 3PLs.

“We understand that it (Blue Yonder) was regarded as an excellent system in many parts of the world, but we realized it had issues on how quickly, efficiently, and economically we can help onboard new clients,” said Vincent.

If that’s not all, Vincent also felt that such upmarket systems required complicated setup, inconvenient customization, and professional services to set up new clients. Given that the 3PL market often requires bringing in new fulfillment clients fast, he recognized the importance of implementing a WMS that could effortlessly onboard new clients and get them up and running in no time.

The Solution

In 2018, Vincent and his partners launched G&B Fulfillment. As a new startup aiming to improve growth for 3PLs, the team knew they had to scout for a new WMS that was reasonably priced and could easily onboard new clients.

As such, they began considering several systems in the market such as ShipHero, Cadence, and Zethcon Synapse. It was during this time that Vincent was first introduced to VeraCore as his former business associate referred the software to him after using it at his own company. Ever since witnessing how successful the implementation was using VeraCore at that company, Vincent wanted to replicate the same success with G&B Fulfillment.

Moreover, his other customers also recommended VeraCore to him after experiencing positive outcomes using the software, resulting in him purchasing the software and began using it in 2019.

Every WMS has its strengths and weaknesses. For us, VeraCore became our preferred choice as it was easy to use, low cost, and could allow us to quickly set up new fulfillment clients without any complex processes.
Vincent Gulisano

Owner, G&B Fulfillment

The Result

Ever since using VeraCore, we have successfully brought in new clients and got them up and running fast. The combination of easy to use and low cost has helped us be efficient in providing high quality fulfillment services to our customers.
Vincent Gulisano

Owner, G&B Fulfillment

Easy Onboarding Process

Ever since implementing VeraCore in 2019, G&B Fulfillment has managed to successfully onboard new clients with ease. The software’s smooth implementation process and less complicated integrations also ensured that the business could keep its internal IT team down to a minimum.

“When we looked at other software in the market, we knew we had to bring on more people internally to maintain and manage what the software needed. But with VeraCore, we were certain we didn’t have to do that,” explained Vincent.

VeraCore’s extensive knowledge base has also helped the team find a solution to their problems. The detailed topics covered in the library were deemed a lifesaver for the team as they could quickly look up the right answers without seeking any external help.

Reduced Manual Processes

Apart from the easy onboarding process, VeraCore’s intelligent automation features also assisted the company in reducing manual processes.

By using the software, the 3PL fulfillment provider successfully automated integrations, order processing, and business rules. As expected, this resulted in a significant drop in manual processes, which helped the company save on labor costs and reduce errors.

Additionally, the better integration instantly saw less paperwork being churned out from the office side. This not only helped the business grow significantly but also resulted in G&B Fulfillment maintaining a great uptime without adding any additional warehouse resources.

Escalated Operational Growth

In fact, the company saw its shipments scale from 0 to 3,800 per month on average in 2019. The startup’s shipments also increased by 13% year over year from 2021 to 2022, proving how the software has helped the business quickly escalate its growth.

Separately, VeraCore also assisted the team in improving their picking processes and warehouse space utilization. Now, the warehouse staff can follow a more structured pick path that reduces errors and gets the products out in a timely manner.

VeraCore gave us a better utilization of travel time in the warehouse in terms of picking and packing orders.
Vincent Gulisano

Owner, G&B Fulfillment

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