How an E-commerce Fulfillment Company Made Integrations Painless with VeraCore



Phase V

The Company

Phase V is an e-commerce order fulfillment company that prides itself on always putting their customers first. Based in Florida, the company has over 35 years of experience in the industry, starting with direct mail services and later expanding into e-commerce and direct-to-customer fulfillment. They specialize in offering scalable, no-hassle third-party logistics services.

We really like how robust VeraCore is. It gives us a ton of different options to customize our order processing streams to suit our needs. As we evolve, optimize our processes, and make our customers happy, we’ve found that VeraCore keeps up with us and helps make everything we do seamless.
Patrick Brennan

Warehouse Operations Manager, Phase V

The Challenge

Phase V currently services a wide range of customers who use an equally diverse range of shopping carts and e-commerce platforms – all of which need to be integrated into an order management system (OMS) to ensure a smooth process. Shopping cart integrations are especially vital for companies like Phase V, as integration will allow the rest of the fulfillment process to automatically use data from the shopping cart to process orders quickly and accurately.

But with so many shopping carts to manage, integration proved to be a slow and complicated process for Phase V. While some of the integrations were already included in their OMS, others like Squarespace, eBay, and Walmart were not. The team at Phase V resorted to manual integrating APIs with code or using third-party programs like CartRover to bridge the gap.

However, this meant the team had to weave several different software into their fulfillment process rather than just using one. Not only did this run the risk of overlaps, but it was also expensive. The cost of all these solutions was adding up, and Phase V was spending a significant portion of their revenue on just one part of the process. It also led to a longer onboarding process for new customers, making it difficult for the team to keep up with demand.

The Result

Phase V has around 77 integrations. To help customers like them, VeraCore created a new Integration Hub that makes integrating with customer shopping carts, as well as other applications like shipping companies and accounting software, faster and easier.

Not only is integration now a lot easier on the Phase V team, but it has also helped them cut costs. “VeraCore’s Integration Hub has been a great help to us. Previously, we had to pay for additional integrations on top of CartRover and VeraCore, which were pricey. But with the new hub, we can start to drop a lot of those additional subscriptions and just use VeraCore,” said Patrick Brennan, Warehouse Operations Manager at Phase V.

Onboarding is also a lot easier. As most of this is done online through the hub, Phase V just sends instructions to new customers to create API keys to their shopping carts. Once those keys have been shared with Phase V, they simply need to input the URL and token into the hub and enable the respective permissions – a much shorter process than before.

We really like VeraCore’s Integration Hub and dashboard feature. It’s easy to use, it makes integration a lot simpler and our lives a lot easier.
Jhon Miranda

IT Director, Phase V

Aside from integrations, VeraCore has also helped Phase V in other areas. By identifying weak spots in the warehouse, i.e. order picking and inventory, Phase V has optimized their fulfillment process in areas such as:

  • Order volume: Phase V’s order volume has almost doubled in the past year, growing from 4,500 to nearly 10,000 orders a month. VeraCore has been able to handle the surge and give the team full visibility on orders and potential failures, allowing them to keep their customers happy.
  • Inventory: With improved visibility on inventory, it’s easier than ever for the operations team to find a product in the system and locate it or find the nearest available location for a new product and log it into the system for future picks.
  • Picking: Previously, Phase V used manual pick tickets that were printed out and organized by the pickers into an optimal pick path. But with VeraCore’s cluster picking feature, all of this is now done automatically so pickers just need to follow a recommended path. It’s much more efficient and saves time.
  • Reporting: VeraCore’s dynamic reporting allows Phase V to deliver customized reports to their customers with half the effort required. It has also made auditing inventory transactions easier as every transaction is now automatically recorded in the system.
  • Staff onboarding: VeraCore’s extensive knowledge base makes it easy for new team members to learn the system and get started. It’s also a good resource experienced members at Phase V can go back to if they need answers.

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