Husky Injection Molding Systems Rolls-out Real-time SPC Software At Second Facility



Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Industrial Equipment

Husky Injection Molding Systems, the world’s largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services, uses real-time SPC to assure product quality and automate data collection

The company initally launched WinSPC at its Bolton, Ontario, Canada site. With the implementation of WinSPC at a second manufacturing facility, the company’s goal is to further eliminate defects and improve manufacturing profitability by:

  • Automating data collection from a variety of sources, including CNCs, CMMs, devices and manual measurements into a single quality database
  • Preventing process errors and rework by monitoring manufacturing processes in real-time
  • Alerting shop-floor personnel and management of out-of-control situations
  • Performing statistical analysis to quickly detect trends and prevent costly process errors before they occur
  • Monitoring the processes of a single line or a holistic plant floor performance from a single desktop

Company representatives report they chose WinSPC for its ease-of-use for shop-floor operators, its ability to easily capture data from a wide variety of sources, and its administrative ease in supporting production changes. WinSPC’s administrative templates offer fast administration and the flexibility to support large-scale production changes quickly–such as switching from a five feature inspection to thirty, within three-to-five mouse clicks. Additionally, WinSPC offers multiple language support options and multiple plant monitoring capabilities that provide a bird’s eye view of multiple processes.

DataNet’s solution delivery team assisted in the three-day installation, where it programmed WinSPC to import text files from CNC and CMM machines, perform scheduled queries of machine databases, and report quality data in real-time.