I.M.A. and Kiwiplan

Long-Term Partnership for Success




I.M.A was established in 1963 at Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz, which is located in northern Israel. Since then, I.M.A. has developed from a small workshop, into a leading corrugated cardboard manufacturer in Israel, producing in excess of 80,000 tons. Holding approximately twenty-five percent of the Israeli corrugated cardboard market, I.M.A. is listed among the 150 largest industries in Israel, employing over 270 workers from the kibbutz and surrounding towns.
Kiwiplan first became involved with I.M.A. in July 1991 with the installation of Kiwiplan’s corrugator scheduling module and direct link to the corrugator. Following on from I.M.A.’s success in their market, I.M.A. has continued to expand and deploy additional Kiwiplan modules with the introduction of Kiwiplan’s full plant scheduling in November 1992.

Over the years, I.M.A. and Kiwiplan have continued to develop a strong bond and working relationship; it is safe to say that today I.M.A is one of the best users of Kiwiplan in the world. From customer service and order management through to the final despatching of goods to their customers, I.M.A., in consultation with Kiwiplan, has managed to attain a ninety-nine percent on-time delivery achievement as well as increasing plant throughput and volumes.

The latest installation involved Kiwiplan’s Quality Management System (QMS). QMS is an application for defining quality tests in the lab, at the corrugator and at the conversion machines and for entering and displaying the results of the tests. In February this year, I.M.A. and Kiwiplan completed a successful upgrade to the manufacturing and QMS applications, gaining additional benefit from the development of corrugator tests. Improving the quality of the board at the source allows for improved conversion machinery throughput and less waste.

It is not all hard work though! During the most recent visit, I.M.A. and Kiwiplan took time out to visit Masada, built by King Herod, a palatial fortress on the eastern edge of the Judean desert overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada was the last bastion of Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans; its fall signalled the violent destruction of the kingdom of Judea. The tragic events of the last days of the rebels transformed Masada into a symbol of humanity’s struggle for freedom from oppression.

Over the past twenty years I.M.A. and Kiwiplan have built a strong and lasting relationship. The successful partnership is a testament to the good people at I.M.A. and the employees of Kiwiplan. And so the story continues…