Job Title

Director of Marketing & IT


Fastener Distribution

Founded in 1988, Intercorp has established itself as an industry leader in fastener distribution. Its flagship brand, Strong-Point, is delivered to thousands of distributors each year. With an outstanding reputation for customer service, quick delivery, and support for the distribution channel, Intercorp required a proven software solution to exceed its high operational standards.

“We had 2 previous software packages before Distribution One and were paying an exorbitant amount on IT and customized software,” explains Intercorp’s Director of Marketing & IT. “We needed a change, so we did the research and saw at least 8 different demos covering every major ERP provider out there before selecting Distribution One.”

“ERP-ONE+ satisfies all of our operational needs, all of our sales needs, and all of the accounting needs for our company. With ERP-ONE+, Intercorp has the ability to immediately pull up information on product pricing, margins, and inventory quantities within seconds. Efficiencies are off the charts.”

With their processes streamlined, Intercorp rolled out the next part of their growth strategy: a customer webstore. “The only way for distributors to compete today is to have your own webstore and your own fulfillment—you need to be just as accessible and customer-friendly as Amazon. It’s what people expect.”

At the start of 2020, Intercorp unveiled their webstore built from Distribution One’s ecommONE E-Commerce platform which completely integrates with ERP-ONE+. “With our webstore, the orders now come in without sales interaction. We have become over 80% more efficient by eliminating the need for order reentry and manual errors.”

“Customers can go to the website, look up contract pricing, complete a quote, and order it right there on the website day or night. Order history, order status, back order, accounts payable, tracking numbers—everything we love about Amazon is pretty much in the webstore. It’s all so convenient.”

“Overall, I can’t sing any higher praise for ERP-ONE+. I love it. I recommend it.”



“We have become over 80% more efficient by eliminating the need for order reentry and manual errors.”


“I’m excited about the future. We processed hundreds of orders in the first week and project our webstore will be handling over 10,000 orders per year.”