Interrogating Data to Find More Savings




Beverage manufacturers face tough competition, so they must constantly improve. SPC software enables analysis of in-spec quality data to identify process variation, eliminate waste, and uncover cost savings.


Video Transcription:

So, I was working with his company—a distillery company—and they were uncomfortable with the fact that they had been doing old school paper and pencil data collection. And what they wanted to do is, they wanted to modernize their SPC data collection and they wanted to scientifically analyze what was happening on their production lines.

And it was very exciting to us because I knew that there’s this opportunity for learning some great information. So, we were able to allow them to do all this data automation and get information about what was happening there. And through the distillery filling process, and over about two months of data collection, we sat down and aggregated the data and analyzed it.

And it was just fascinating to hear the management team say, “We had no idea this stuff was happening.” For example, they found out that there were dramatic differences and variability between the different fill heads. This is like a 30 or 40 fill-head machine. And then they found that there were differences in performance from one shift to the next, and from for one hour to the next, even from morning to afternoon.

And it was just fascinating to find that, scientifically, we’re able to get all this information that then resulted in over $800,000 in annual savings that they identified. As a result of just scientifically looking at this data, aggregating the data, interrogating the data, and getting information from it.