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7 Years Later - Still the Right Choice.



Janitorial & Sanitation Supplier Case Study


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Since 1984, an Illinois-based company has been a leading one-stop shop for janitorial, packaging, office, and safety supplies in the greater St. Louis area. Priding themselves on building business relationships, this family-oriented company has grown and prospered throughout their 30-year history. Seven years ago, they took the leap into enterprise resource planning (ERP) incorporating DDI System’s Inform ERP Software into their daily operations – and they haven’t looked back!

The Beginning

This janitorial & sanitation supply company had outgrown their QuickBooks Enterprise software and the business needed something more to carry them into the future. In 2007, they chose DDI’s Inform solution. Initially, the software provided the ability to gradually incorporate new features and streamline their operational workflows. The team was able to practice using Inform prior to going live allowing their team to be comfortable and confident as the transition took place.

“Although I can’t give an exact metric, I know our error rate has decreased. More importantly, the frustration level among my sales team has diminished as we have given them the tools to evaluate and increase their sales.”

Instant Return on Investment

Thinking back to when they converted, the Vice President of Operations remembers how accounts receivables and net pay averages decreased by 5 days – almost overnight. The auto watch and credit hold functionality was automated, saving time and highlighting outstanding bills to all team members. This transparency allowed sales and customer service reps to assist and make a notable impact with their customer accounts. Over the years, ongoing ROI has continued to directly and positively impact their bottom line!

Technology that Evolves

Today’s Inform is greatly enhanced since the company purchased it seven years ago. As time and technology continue to evolve, so does the demand to develop new and innovative features. These features make the difference between a legacy and a leading ERP partner. “DDI System is right on target,” says the VP of Operations. “Other companies say they have the answers to mobile and tablet trends, e-commerce  and remote connectivity but from speaking with other distributors, I can honestly say DDI’s functionality is deeper and better developed. DDI has smart deployment methods that ensure new features are working “out of the box” and keeping up with the needs of wholesale distributors.”

“Our developers have a passion for the distribution industry and an ongoing desire to incorporate what’s new. They constantly deliver meaningful innovations that create strategic advantages for single and multi-location distributors. DDI System has a 98% track record of client retention directly attributed to our service and development commitments. Whether it’s through omni channel sales methods, online storefronts, complete mobility or basic operational workflows, we are here for our customers and take an active part in their success” says Adam Waller, president of DDI System.

Keeping Up with Changing Customer Habits

Not only is technology ever changing, but the impact those changes have on customer buying methods and habits is significant. “Today, everyone looks at us to be google. We need instant information at our fingertips, and DDI delivers that,” states the VP of Operations. One of the ways the company has been able to keep up with customer expectations is through a fully integrated e-commerce website. “DDI’s Inform eCommerce has been a tremendous advantage for us. The integration within Inform is seamless. It pulls real-time inventory levels, unique customer pricing, customer account data and history. This live connection is a huge benefit! If we make a change in Inform, it’s instantly reflected on our website.” Inform utilizes the same data from the ERP side and repurposes it for a professionally designed online storefront. This has eliminated duplicate work while ensuring customers and sales teams have the latest information at their fingertips.

A Service Partner That Listens

Another area referenced by the Jan-San supplier is DDI’s genuine interest in customer needs. In short, DDI not only listens, but acts, delivering free upgrades with valuable new features. One of these more recent features came from a user conference. DDI customers expressed an interest in a warranty tracking system. The VP of Operations boasts, “We now have a service module that allows us to track items, diagnose and repair them. We are able to quickly check on warranty information by machine and take the appropriate actions. This has allowed the company to better service our customers, saving them money and solidifying our place as their go-to supplier.”

After 7 years, they still look forward to screen updates, new upgrades and whatever technology is coming down the pike. They are confident in DDI System’s ability and track record to keep their software on the cutting edge as technology evolves.

Dedicated Ongoing Support Plus an Active User Community

“DDI System is not a solution that forgets about a company after install. I love that training is always available.” In addition to DDI’s personalized support, group and individual training options, and semi-annual user conference, the online Client Services Portal is available 24/7. “I can find quick answers to questions, learn how other companies and users are utilizing tools, and find new ideas all the time. This is a very smart and active community that I’m proud to be a part of.”

A System to Grow With

DDI System is invested in the ongoing success and growth of all Inform ERP users. This dedication comes through with development and service that exceeds expectations and delivers results. “With each free upgrade to our system, we find new and useful features. I’m extremely happy with how robust Inform is.” For this one-stop janitorial, safety, packaging, and office supply company, DDI System has been and will remain their long-term technology partner.