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With over 400 independent member locations across the country, the Johnstone Supply Cooperative is a leader in the HVAC/R industry. From the first, modest Johnstone Supply store that opened in 1953, founder John Shank aspired to grow his business among other service-focused individuals. The goal: to share resources, operational benefits, and group buying power. Today, Johnstone Supply is a top business cooperative with stores often passed from one generation to the next. Owners are used to personalized service, consistency, and a solid return on investment.

A thriving member of the Johnstone Supply cooperative for over 40 years, Johnstone Supply – Spokane, WA, prides itself on customer service and self-sufficiency. With a branch in Anchorage, AK, the company has seen little turnover in the past four decades, a testament to its ownership and stability.

“It’s amazing to have all the tools that can be used to help our company grow. We find something new everyday that has helped us with our sales team.”

Long time users of Johnstone’s proprietary software (a character-based ERP system), the Spokane team knew that the shift to a fully-integrated, highly scalable Windows® ERP would be significant.

Spokane implemented DDI System’s Inform ERP in November 2015. Since then, the store’s gross profit percentage is up two points and it steadily generates around 3,000 invoices a month. The credit manager Barb Redinger says that along with her hard-working, diligent team, Spokane’s success can be attributed to one key factor: training.

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