InfinityQS ProFicient’s open platform smoothly integrates with established machinery



Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing

Leggett & Platt Inc. is the industry-leading manufacturer that conceives, designs, and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products for customers worldwide.

Although Leggett & Platt may not be a household name, a household would not be the same without the products they produce. Whether a customer is relaxing in a recliner that has a Leggett & Platt motion mechanism powering it or barbequing on a grill made of Leggett cast aluminum, Leggett & Platt products are all around us, making the products consumers use every day more comfortable, durable, and life-enhancing.

The challenge

Leggett & Platt needed to decrease the amount of time spent on measuring items in production. Additionally, they needed to eliminate lapses in reporting and transform their data collection process into a completely paperless system.

Their objective was to standardize on a single analytics solution to become more efficient, improving quality during production and preventing defects.


“Our plant needed a real-time solution that would decrease the amount of time that we spent measuring on the shop floor,”
Shawn Stauffer, Quality Manager

Leggett & Platt


The solution

Leggett & Platt conducted a comparative analysis of InfinityQS® and another Statistical Process Control (SPC) software provider. InfinityQS’s open platform allowed for a smooth integration with Leggett & Platt’s established machinery.

In addition, the real-time data analysis drastically transformed the company’s monthly finalization process. The process previously required two days to complete. Now, staff can access the data instantly.

InfinityQS’s SPC software also enables the company to monitor, control, and improve the processes of its manufacturing operations in real time. Employees now take advantage of:

  • Specification checks in real time
  • Automatic recording and emailing of unusual events
  • Automated web publishing for internal and external customer needs

The results

With InfinityQS software, Leggett & Platt significantly reduced production time and made their manufacturing process completely paperless.

  • The end-of-month finalization process that used to take two days is now done in real time.
  • Product lots are now traceable.
  • The quality system is now completely paperless.