Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Choose WinSPC Statistical Process Control Software



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Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Choose WinSPC Statistical Process Control Software to Assure Superior Product Quality and Regulatory Compliance

DataNet Adds New Life Sciences Manufacturers To Growing Customer List

Two new Life Sciences manufacturers have added themselves to the expanding group of companies deploying WinSPC and an existing customer, also a Life Sciences manufacturer, extends its deployment of WinSPC internationally. The companies, one medical device manufacturer and two pharmaceutical manufacturers, plan to roll out WinSPC across their facilities within the next 90 days.

“Based on our discussions with Life Sciences manufacturers, we see a real need for these manufacturers to access, and respond to, real-time process information. This gives them the power to prevent the process errors that lead to defects,” said Stephen A. Arnett, DataNet’s CTO. “Additionally, our solution provides tools to lower the cost of regulatory compliance and build product traceability into their processes. We are excited to be able to broaden our reach within this industry and expect growing revenue within this segment.”

The two pharmaceutical companies will deploy WinSPC across their international operations. Their goal is to assure product quality and comply with regulatory requirements. They chose WinSPC for its ease-of-use, FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance, and DataNet’s software validation support. The companies will validate WinSPC using DataNet’s Software Validation Toolkit, which offers a complete set of IQ and OQ software validation templates.

The medical device manufacturer plans to expand WinSPC to its Chinese plant, where it will automate data collection and assure superior quality through preventative SPC techniques. It has been using WinSPC at its U.S. facilities since 2005.

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