Medical Device Manufacturer Adds WinSPC Statistical Process Control



Medical & Pharmaceuticals

A medical device manufacturer installed WinSPC to get insight into its processes.

Company Background:

One of the goals of the company team is to put effort into relationships, as compared to viewing business as a series of transactions. The company, about 30 years old, produces implant components, surgical instruments, and other medical devices. From among these devices, those that aren’t used are donated to vocational schools in the area, to be used for training.


Management at the medical device company decided that doing data analytics on a select group of production aspects would be an effective method for improving the quality of the final product.


To achieve this, the management team set up WinSPC statistical process control to capture and process measurements of implant components, surgical instruments, and other medical devices.


First, the team established a digital connection between the company’s Tru-capture measurement stations and WinSPC. Next, with a digital connection in place, the team set WinSPC to capture measurements.

Finally, with the data collection mechanism set up, the management team monitored the data as it came in, did post-production analysis, and set WinSPC to display alerts when potentially problematic strings of measurements come in.

The WinSPC services team spent time to structure the company’s production data such that the team can generate the reports they desire. The data structure enables the team to create reports that highlight segments of data, such as:

  • Data related to a particular customer
  • Data captured at a certain WinSPC station
  • Data for a given product name or product number
  • Data captured during fulfillment of a given work order

Additionally, the company intends to use WinSPC’s email trigger feature to send email notifications to different staff when process problems or other events occur.


To conclude, the company wanted to solve quality challenges by doing SPC on its manufacturing processes. So, the company installed WinSPC software to achieve quality improvements and improve cross-company understanding of production. Additionally, it successfully leveraged its existing data collection systems to generate analytical charts and dashboards.

About WinSPC Quality Systems

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