Medical Equipment and Device Manufacturer Selects WinSPC Real-Time Quality Control Software



Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Centrix Chooses WinSPC to Assure 100 Percent Supplier Quality and Compliance

Centrix manufactures its own brand of dental equipment and supplies, plus performs the contract manufacturing of a variety of dental equipment and supplies for international distribution. Centrix assures the highest quality dental equipment by performing 100 percent incoming inspection. The company also performs rigorous SPC to assure their products conform to strict industry regulations. Centrix will implement real-time WinSPC to integrate real-time SPC as an overall preventive quality program to reduce internal inspection time, prevent process variation before defects occur, reduce scrap, and improve customer satisfaction.

“We chose WinSPC because of the product’s ease-of-use and our customer experience with DataNet,” said Roger Mastrony, quality manager, Centrix. “We were able to quickly and easily connect to scales, set up inspection variables, and produce control charts in no time flat. Our customer experience was exceptional.” Centrix is rolling out WinSPC throughout its Shelton, CT facility in three phases. Phase one consists of implementing WinSPC at incoming inspection points to collect a variety of variable and attribute data. The company’s initial goal is to assure 100 percent quality of incoming parts. The second phase involves WinSPC software being rolled out to contract manufacturing production lines to monitor, predict and prevent potential internal or external quality failures. The company also plans to use WinSPC to generate quality certificates for its customers.

During the final phase, Centrix plans to install WinSPC at its remaining production lines to incorporate real-time, preventive quality control across its entire facility. This will enable operators to quickly capture inspection data, monitor production processes, and make corrective actions in real-time. Mastrony will use WinSPC to further reduce process variation and scrap in an effort to increase manufacturing profitability. The company plans to integrate WinSPC with a variety of testing devices, automate corrective actions, and integrate the software with its manufacturing execution system.