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Office Administrator


Distribution, Fastener Distribution

For more than 40 years, Piedmont Fasteners has been a leading distributor of hardware—nuts, bolts, drill bits, and more. There was hesitation in leaving their prior system which worked well but was no longer meeting their needs as they grew.

Running out of time with their prior software, they knew a change needed to be made. As Piedmont Fasteners’ office administrator explained, “We felt as if we were on borrowed time.” For major operational tasks like tracking inventory, entering orders, and managing customer information, Distribution One proved to be a complete solution.

Bringing the old data into the new system is a delicate but critical chore. Having an Implementation Specialist on-site for this process is the only way to be assured it will go

After the transition, Piedmont Fasteners found new levels of customization. “I occasionally ask if Distribution One’s software can do such and such, and the answer almost always is YES!”

Modernization of software means faster, more cost-effecti ve processes. For reporting, Piedmont Fasteners’ prior system required documents to be printed which is both expensive and time-consuming. In sharing data with customers or vendors, they gained the same benefit. “We love the ability to send screen data or reports to Excel, and the support is great!”



To continue their growth, Piedmont Fasteners turned to Distribution One and discovered scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.



“Our biggest concern was going into the project, since we were with our previous software company for many years, but we were very pleased with the data conversion.”