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Pumps and Controls


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Industrial & Safety

Pumps & Controls of Arlington, TX has been a successful master distributor of industrial supplies for over 26 years. Despite the uncertain economy of the last few years, Pumps & Controls has experienced continued growth due to their ability to provide top level customer service, achieve ongoing efficiencies in each of their operational areas and their willingness to take advantage of new technologies to drive out costs and improve sales.

Ten years ago, Pumps & Controls Inc. looked for a software provider that would be able to meet their existing need for automation and keep up with the continuing technology boom – leveraging innovation towards growth and a positive future. Pumps & Controls made the switch to DDI System’s Inform ERP solution and has been growing with the system ever since. Troy Welch, President/CEO of Pumps & Controls, freely states that using the DDI System solution to manage his business enabled them to double their revenue with the same staff, bringing this company to over 10 million dollars in yearly revenue. Troy attributes their tremendous success to the huge time savings and greater efficiency his company was afforded when incorporating DDI’s industry specific business solution.

“I don’t ever see a future where I’ll need to research a new solution as DDI stays on the cutting edge of technology – developing and providing the tools necessary to keep up with the times.”

A Customer Service Leader

One of DDI’s strengths lies in streamlining operations with transparent information. Gaining the ability to see all customer account details on a single screen took Pumps & Controls to a new level in providing outstanding customer service to their clients. All pertinent information is ascertained in mere seconds and displayed in a user friendly fashion. Having this information at their fingertips, Troy’s entire team was able to answer customer questions alleviating the need to make return calls and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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