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Rathe Associates


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Forty years ago, Rathe Associates was started by Don’s father, Roy. Over the years they went through several accounting software packages, one custom and several off-the-shelf. With all of these solutions, they had to learn to live with “the way they do business.” That wasn’t the case with DDI System.

Fortunately for us, we’ve achieved an explosive level of growth over the last 8-10 years with 3 generations of family leading the way. Unfortunately, our QuickBooks software couldn’t keep up. We added QB Activate to sync with the standard QuickBooks in an attempt to support our business operations but still, it didn’t meet our growing needs.

“I was very impressed at how seamless the transition turned out to be! The intuitive nature of Inform created a simple switch with a short learning curve.”

When we decided to make a change, we began asking around and researching software alternatives. Our goals were to become a more paperless company, integrate and streamline our business operations, and increase the accuracy of our inventory and purchasing. We were led to DDI System through several recommendations.

After a demonstration and a few conversations with DDI, we quickly saw how perfectly their Inform solution fit our needs! We made the conscious decision to go-live at the beginning of our busy season – this was not a decision made lightly due to the potential ramifications if something were to go wrong. However, since our current QuickBooks software could not do what we needed, we felt it was a risk worth taking.

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