Retiring Quality Commander Wages War on Cryptic Production Views



Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Big data can be intimidating, but when information is condensed into visual summary statistics, making sharp decisions gets easier.

At one east coast paint outfit, the veteran quality assurance director is retiring, and he intends to make statistical process control application his farewell speech.

The director’s company has been diligently capturing production information for years, but today he is leading efforts to apply SPC to the data. In applying SPC, he intends to:

  • Deliver accurate visualizations of production to
    his team
  • Provide metrics that equip managers to make
    key financial decisions
  • Add sanity to the team’s prioritization of
    improvement initiatives

In his final months, the quality director is setting in motion a statistical process control program in order to do away with static quality data views that he sees as hard to act on. For him, WinSPC Custom Web Reporter solves the problem of static, non-statistical
measurement lists by providing ordered, actionable information. One such example in Custom Web Reporter is color-coded weekly CpK statistics.

The quality commander also takes tactical advantage of WinSPC plant summaries and WinSPC comprehensive production stats. These are both pictured below.

WinSPC Plant Monitor (top) highlights troublesome production lines. The automatically-generated WinSPC continuous improvement report shows the capability of an aspect across production lines. Without a doubt, the quality director has changed the way the company uses manufacturing data.

As he rounds his final lap, he weighs the benefits of passing on a new solution that takes the war on cryptic quality views to the cloud…