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On the same day that Florida’s unemployment numbers hit the highest point in 35 years, Howard Steirn, president of Miami-based Riverside Paper Company, shared his secret to retaining his employees and growing his business. And it has nothing to do with a government bailout or cutting staff.

Riverside Paper Company is Florida’s premier industrial packaging manufacturer, converter and distributor. The company has a manufacturing plant in Miami, four distribution centers located strategically throughout the state, over 7,000 customers and more than 70 employees. Since 1973, the company has provided Florida businesses with corrugated boxes, packaging materials, shipping supplies, material handling and janitorial products at discounted prices.

So when the businesses that purchase from Riverside Paper Co. experience difficult times, it has repercussions throughout the company. But Riverside Paper Co. has been able to work smarter this year and retain its valuable employees.

“I went with DDI for several reasons.They were a smaller company that moved quickly to answer our questions and proactively address our needs. I was looking for a company to build a relationship with and I was impressed not only with the product but also with their people.”

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when a decision has to be made about business software and what gets loaded in your computer “boxes.” It is either a decision to initially invest in a package or the realization that the current system is not keeping up with your business demand.

Although Steirn was a past president of the Stanpak user group, it was an easy decision for him to convert from his Stanpak software package to DDI System’s Inform. It also proved to be the most seamless conversion imaginable (went live overnight, in fact) and has reaped business benefits far beyond his original expectations.

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