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Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Video Transcription:

My name is Samir and I work as director of process engineering with Schiff Nutrition International at Salt Lake City. Schiff Nutrition International is a leading manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, and joint care products. You can find our products in all leading stores in the United States and other places.

I look after process engineering, troubleshooting, supporting manufacturing, creating new processes, and supporting InfinityQS to collect the data, analyze the data, and support the processes. Before we had InfinityQS, we used to use another competitor’s product. The product was difficult to use, needed lot of customization, and had proprietary hardware and software. And it was difficult to change on the fly on the floor.

We studied Infinity in many ways and we found that it was very easy to use, there was no proprietary hardware requirements, and it was very easy to customize it. What impressed everyone was the ease of use and ease of customization on the shop floor. And we found out that that ease was the main thing, so there was no support needed for IT for installation, for startup, and even for regular day-to-day use.

Operators love using InfinityQS because of ease of use, because they can see in real time what is happening in their process. They can see that their test is within limits or out of limits as they are performing it. It has very good visual indications for them. When we first implemented InfinityQS ProFicient, we had expected that there will be a big learning curve for our operators and they will need extensive training in terms of how to use it and what to do it. However, after installation and startup we found that that was not the case. It was much easier to use, it was user-friendly, and operators picked it up very quickly.

The InfinityQS support is very good. They provide us immediate support as and when the need arises. They do remote logins and support us, or they do WebEx with us, and go through the problem and help us resolve it.

We have connected InfinityQS into some of our coding systems, where we are collecting temperature data, air flow data, and things like that. They are all process data, and we can see real-time trending. So, we don’t have to buy specific vendor software on every computer or throughout our network. But we are bringing in the data through ProFicient’s – SPC Software, and that can be seen on every computer where there is ProFicient.

Infinity’s various charts and data reporting options are very good and very easy to use, and with some of the recent modifications that InfinityQS has done—allowing us to use Pareto chart and data processing to multiple levels, and so on—has really improved the flexibility to dice the data in various ways and present it on-the-fly to the management.

InfinityQS has helped us to better understand the processes and reduce the scrap generation on a real-time basis. It also helps us to understand that if “this product and this equipment” combinations are not the best options to produce it, we can choose the best option, which will provide us product with minimum scrap rates.

We had a good experience with InfinityQS in our operations, and I think that InfinityQS can be recommended for most of operations. At least I can say that for operations which are similar to us, where we are collecting data either using gauges, doing manual testing, or collecting data using automated systems.