Security Lock Distributors



Security Lock Distributors

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Chief Information Officer


Distribution, Door Safety Hardware

The largest inventory in the security industry belongs to Security Lock Distributors. With more than 500,000 products from 100 manufacturers on the shelf, this Massachusett s-headquartered distributor is the go-to source despite having no e-commerce, no pricing customization, and a very old software system that was holding them back. Security Lock Distributors chose Distribution One to help them modernize.

As explained by the Chief Information Officer, “Our existing system was 25 years old and lacked functionality that we absolutely needed to be a leader in our space including EDI, e-commerce, the ability to customize our pricing structure for our customers, and a slew of other things that were going to hinder us from being able to do business with some of our customers. Moving our business online was absolutely critical to our success.” After their implementation and training, things shifted into high gear.

When Order Entry talks directly to Inventory Management, the pace of business picks up. In fact, they quickly discovered that the speed of the software triggered heightened productivity. “We took one of our most seasoned people and had him do an order using both our old systems and the new system. On the old system, it took him about three minutes. On the new system, one minute. The financial implications are incredible.”

“We are using this system on multiple levels—on an operational level, on a customer level, on a large integrator level, and on a manufacturer level as well. Distribution One has really opened the door for us to do a lot more than we could have ever dreamed. It has really allowed us to differentiate ourselves and grab market share which was our goal from the very beginning.”



“Distribution One met all of our criteria, giving us the ability to tie our website into our inventory management and sales order entry systems.”



“Since automating our operations and moving our business to the web, we have really taken on the position of being the leader in the industry. Our business has grown exponentially, and we are now realizing millions of dollars in revenue through our website.”