$4 Billion Snack Food Company Installs WinSPC Across 14 Plants In North America



Statistical Process Control (SPC)


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WinSPC Software Used For Net Weight Control Program At One Of North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Snack Food Products

The $4 billion company installed WinSPC in 14-plants across Canada and the U.S., finalizing phase one of its net weight project.

WinSPC was purchased to replace the company’s legacy program for weight control. Phase one included installation, on-site training for administrators and operators, device integration for scales and other packaging equipment, and custom reporting on topics such as shift efficiency and packaging throughput. DataNet’s solution delivery team supported the company throughout the project by providing supplemental consulting, programming, configuration, installation and training services.

The company’s objective is to track the net weight of every product. Critical decision-making factors for selecting WinSPC was its ability to manage tare weights according to the company’s established procedures and WinSPC’s easy integration with a variety of scales and weighing devices. This was accomplished through a combination of existing product features and some custom programming using standard API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). To speed implementation, DataNet’s application engineers created a plug-and-play device to configure the various scales and weighing devices across the 14 facilities.

Another critical component of the project was to monitor, in real-time, product weights against Maximum Allowable Variation (MAV) for facilities in the U.S.A. and the T1/T2 set points in Canada. The ability to report data using country-specific limits was critical to the implementation. WinSPC provides real-time process feedback by identifying and alerting appropriate personnel of any violations. Because of the project’s success, it was nominated for, and won, the company’s coveted internal excellence award.

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