Solar Cell Manufacturer Uses WinSPC for Real-Time Quality Control



Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Suniva selects WinSPC real-time SPC software and preventative quality control methods to increase manufacturing efficiency and process capability.

DataNet Quality Systems (DataNet), developers of WinSPC® and QualTrend® quality control software, announced that Suniva, a solar cell manufacturer, has implemented WinSPC real-time SPC software across its manufacturing facility to assure the highest quality and most efficient manufacturing process available.

“WinSPC will give us the ability to quickly detect and correct a process issue before a defect can occur,” said Jasen Moffit, process engineer at Suniva. “This technology is key to instituting a more efficient, higher value problem prevention strategy. “

The Suniva team expects to achieve a rapid return on its program investment; the team plans to:

  • Improve process capability
  • Improve employee time dedicated to data collection through automated SPC

Suniva has implemented WinSPC at its state-of-the-art facility in Norcross, Georgia, where it manufactures high-efficiency silicon PV solar cells. The team will monitor 21 key process parameters across its multistep process of sorting, etching, diffusion, PSG removal, CVD, print, and final test. It will use WinSPC to:

  • Capture process data from various devices and data sources, like the company’s MES system
  • Store and centralize critical process data
  • Monitor processes using SPC charts
  • Alert personnel of out-of-control processes in real-time
  • Perform analysis and create quality reports such as Capability Studies, Summary Reports, and Certificates of Analysis

The company contracted DataNet’s Solution Delivery team to assist in an on-site implementation of WinSPC. The team worked closely with Suniva to install WinSPC within the company’s network, integrate WinSPC with the MES system, perform training, and develop a strategy to manage quality data within WinSPC.