Southern Fasteners



Southern Fasteners

Job Title

Vice President


Distribution, Fastener Distribution

A regional wholesaler of hardware such as screws, nuts, bolts, and more, Southern Fasteners manages an inventory of more than 130,000 products out of 10 locations across the country. Their team is made up of fastener experts, and their customers required that they become logistics experts as well. Distribution One’s software solutions put Southern Fasteners a step ahead of the competition.

Evolving from a proprietary UNIX-based system, it was time for the company to find an ERP product that was easier to learn for new employees and faster to use for everyone.
Distribution One’s system allowed for flexibility that reduced steps and made everyday tasks—entering orders, tracking inventory, and managing customer information—that much easier.

Modern software should talk to other software applications to retain speed, accuracy, and productivity. With Distribution One, integration with other business applications—like the MS Office suite or the major shipping companies’ software—is frictionless.

Every operation works differently, so a high level of customization goes a long way. Kitting, special labeling, and a VMI program are unique aspects of Southern Fasteners’ distribution business and can be handled within Distribution One’s modular ERP-ONE application. This has allowed Southern Fasteners to focus on the functions
most critical to their success.



The speeds of navigating between and completing tasks were 75% faster compared to their previous, in-house system.



“The software is absolutely easier for our employees to use and helps us do our daily work in a faster, more streamlined fashion.”