SPC Tools - Visibility into Variation: Information You Can Act On




In manufacturing, scrap and waste are constant challenges. Yet too many quality teams are missing their greatest opportunity to reduce both. See how better SPC tools bring possibilities to life.

Video Transcription:

So, we were approached by a very large organization with plants around the world. And they had asked us to take their data and to analyze it using our software. And so, I was standing in front of a room with 86 different quality managers from all across the globe and sharing with them their data. And what was interesting about it was that I was able to take that data and sort it and slice it and dice it. And what they gave me was that they had two different product codes made on three different production lines.

So, it’s a very small amount of data—a couple thousand data points. And when I showed them side-by-side the performance of one product code and how it ran differently on two different production lines, three different production lines, they couldn’t believe it. They said, “You mean, all this time, we’ve been running that same product code and thinking it was really good, but it performs and looks different depending on the production line we’re running on?” And the answer was yes, absolutely.

And then, alternatively, we’re able to show them how one single production line ran three different product codes in very different manners. And so just being able to see those performance metrics for each of those products compared against one another, it instantly highlighted great opportunities for improvement that they could act upon.

And that’s really the idea of a top-shelf SPC software system, is that you should be able to get those insights from your SPC tools very quickly, very easily, so you can act upon that information and make things dramatically better.