StarPet, an Indorama Subsidiary, Chooses WinSPC



Statistical Process Control (SPC)



One Of The World’s Largest Manufacturers Of PET Polymers Selects WinSPC Real-Time SPC Software

StarPet, Inc. USA will implement WinSPC software at its Asheboro, NC facility. StarPet Inc., is a subsidiary of Indorama PET, one of the world’s largest polyester manufacturers, and operates a PET polymers manufacturing facility capable of producing 225,000 tons per annum of Amorphous PET polymers and PET polymers.

The company plans to automate SPC inspection, analysis, and reporting procedures to reduce the time it takes quality engineers to analyze large volumes of SPC data. This will enable the quality team to increase its bandwidth and focus on expanding its real-time, continuous improvement efforts.

“WinSPC gives us the ability to automate painstaking quality tasks like data collection, analysis, and reporting, which will save the company hundreds of personnel hours per month,” said Brian Wicker, Quality Manager, StarPet Inc., USA. “WinSPC also gives us a real-time view into our manufacturing processes. This frees our quality engineers from having to perform quality control in a ‘rear-view mirror,’ and instead enables them to perform proactive, preventative quality control that results in reduced process variation and improved manufacturing performance.”

The company will use WinSPC to capture large volumes of incoming and in-process inspection data from its lab equipment to perform tests like color meter testing, intrinsic viscosity testing, and PTA testing. StarPet plans to use this inspection data to perform real-time SPC analysis and generate process capability reports.

DataNet’s solution delivery team will assist StarPet with its week-long implementation. DataNet engineers will provide on-site product installation and configuration, connect WinSPC to a variety of data collection devices, set-up a logical framework to store and track StarPet’s quality data within WinSPC, and automate the creation of process capability reports.

StarPet chose WinSPC because of its straightforward, intuitive approach for setting up and managing quality inspection data. Wicker believes this will enable the production team to focus on managing quality–not software. WinSPC’s simple administration interface allows quality personnel to quickly and easily manage the day-to-day administrative activities without the need for dedicated IT experts.