Supplier to Soda Pop Giant Connects Gauges for Real-Time SPC Charting



Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Food & Beverage

A soda pop supplier wanted to better understand product defects. So it connected WinSPC real-time statistical process control software.

The company helps businesses realize product ideas through design and manufacturing partnership. It has made a statement of intent to do business only with mineral suppliers around the world known not to have a hand in corruption or crime.

The company is using WinSPC’s alarming feature to alert appropriate personnel when ominous production trends or outlier measurements are recorded. This will allow the company to reduce its scrap output.

The company creates several different sizes of a plastic piece using molds heated by hot water. If the temperature of the water drops too low due to a process problem, the plastic pieces will not be made at the right size.

In another production area, an important seal on the product begins to wear when a production machine begins pumping with more force.

In situations like these, WinSPC’s real-time alerts can be used to detect problems and alert staff to prevent bad product from being made.

Automated statistical analysis, like delivered by WinSPC, is important because some process problems are not apparent to workers and staff observing the process (some aren’t even obvious when looking at a control chart).

About DataNet Quality Systems

DataNet Quality Systems empowers manufacturers to improve products, processes, and profitability through real-time statistical software solutions. The company’s vision is to deliver trusted and capable technology solutions that allow manufacturers to create the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost. DataNet’s flagship product, WinSPC, provides statistical decision-making at the point of production and delivers real-time, actionable information to where it is needed most. With over 2500 customers worldwide and distributors across the globe, DataNet is dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service and support, shop-floor expertise, and training in the areas of Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing services.