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Sees Green from Inform ERP Software Transition



The Source


CRM, Warehouse Management

Speed and efficiency gains from Inform ERP Software allows The Source to improve customer service and grow sales.

For nearly 25 years, The Source, Inc. has been the irrigation industry’s leading supplier of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and after-market repair parts, diagnostic tools and troubleshooting devices. With approximately 7,000 product SKU’s The Source needed a robust Warehouse Management System to automate distribution and manage the light-manufacturing processes.

“The gains since implementing Inform have been so substantial, the system paid for itself in just 18 months.”

“We wanted a product that handled multiple workflows, but we couldn’t find what we needed in any existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems,” said Matthew Larson, Director of Operations, The Source, Inc. “Our former solution, NetSuite, didn’t allow us to perform specific functions, such as tracking inventory, imports and cycle counting. We just didn’t think our previous software did a strong enough job at distribution management.”

In addition, The Source’s operations team also needed a solution that consolidated orders and allowed for easy tracking from the point of procurement through the point that it shipped to the customer. This feature was especially relevant to help manage containers for The Source’s import business.

“Due to the complexity of our business, we thought we would have to spend a lot of money on a solution that would align with all of our needs,” said Larson. “All of our research was leading us to really big, industrial kind of packages-like an Oracle kind of a system. The budget for a software like that was just way more than we had allocated for the project. We were introduced to DDI System through our buying group, Virtualrain, and found that Inform had the variety of functionality we needed at the right price point. It was a surprise that was even possible!”

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