Trane Indoor Comfort Systems Achieves High Quality and Cool Savings with WinSPC



Statistical Process Control (SPC)



Trane, a leading supplier of indoor comfort systems, reported that it used WinSPC to keep its processes under control and reduce scrap by 50% annually.


The Trane Company, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, employs over 29,000 people at 104 manufacturing locations in 28 countries, and has annual sales of more than $8 billion. Trane is a leading supplier of indoor comfort systems. It’s products include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment for residential and commercial applications. Trane has gained significant benefits using WinSPC.


For Trane, manufacturing leak-free refrigerant coils without generating an unacceptable amount of scrap is imperative to producing world-class indoor comfort systems. Trane was experiencing an unacceptable scrap rate in the process of fabricating these coils. Trane, therefore, set a goal to reduce scrapped coils and the copper and aluminum components that make up a refrigerant coils.

Using Six Sigma, Trane pinpointed the critical process inputs that have the most impact on improving quality and reducing that variation that causes coil slab and copper scrap. But significant challenges still remained.

Since Trane’s operators rotate frequently among various processes and machines, Trane recognized the need to keep operators continually up-to-date on a host of process issues, machines, and specifications.

Trane also wanted to ensure that all the benefitsachieved through the Six Sigma process would besustained through reliable control methodologies.


Trane chose WinSPC for the following reasons:

  • WinSPC supports Trane’s Six Sigma programs with essential data collection, analysis, measurement, and control tools.
  • With WinSPC, Trane was able to quickly train operators by supplying setup and operating instruction as well as blueprints and digital pictures; all as live documents and media that update in WinSPC as you change the source files.
    •WinSPC offers a plant-wide monitor option that enables viewing of any process from anywhere in the plant at any time for optimum supervisory control.


WinSPC supports Trane’s Six Sigma program by providing essential tools and ensuring success in the final control stage of the DMAIC cycle. Trane’s operators also have adopted WinSPC as mission critical to their success.


Trane specifically cited the following benefits achieved with WinSPC:

  • Reduced annual scrap cost by 50%
  • Attained ROI in 4 months
  • Significantly improved first-pass yields
  • Instilled greater operator pride
  • Sustained Six Sigma improvements through ongoing control

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