Trombini Triumphs with Kiwiplan




Facing today’s global challenges in manufacturing head on, Trombini Embalagens’ corrugating plant in Farroupilha, Brazil recently completed installation of Kiwiplan’s complete suite of fully automated software systems including corrugator scheduling, plant floor scheduling and data collection as well as paper and finished goods inventory systems.

“When we were shopping for a software vendor, Kiwiplan consistently came to the top of our list. Their sophisticated knowledge of the industry and their ability and expertise in providing and implementing leading-edge technology solutions are key reasons they were our number one choice,” comments Edesel Schulz, industrial manager.

Trombini is the largest manufacturer of corrugated boxes in southern Brazil, through its industrial units located in Curitiba and Farroupilha. These plants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest levels of technical qualification. The company aims to deliver rapid, high-quality services to the market throughout Brazil.

Business and Customer Benefits

Edesel remarks, “Since implementing Kiwiplan’s Total Solution at Farroupilha, we have achieved major improvements. Specifically, the plant has become highly organized and our procedures are clear. Most importantly, by leveraging the technology, we’ve integrated and aligned production, shipping, customer service/sales, and the other critical areas. We’ve been able to restructure our organization and manufacturing tasks to improve on our already excellent on-time delivery record—this is critical to our customers.”

Roberto Teixeira, Sales Manager for Goettsch Brasil Ltda (Kiwiplan marketing representatives in Brazil), remarks, “These improvements are exciting news for Trombini. I’ve truly enjoyed watching them advance so significantly. Their improvements coincide with those achieved by plants throughout the world that are using Kiwiplan’s products and, as a result, are achieving significantly improved productivity through planning and scheduling, improved uptime, reduced waste, and increased throughput, among others.”

“The quality, depth, detail, and accuracy of information the system provides is excellent,” continues Edesel. “Without a doubt, Kiwiplan is allowing us to respond more quickly to order and production changes throughout the plant. Although we aren’t yet tapping the full potential of the information provided, through Kiwiplan’s ongoing support, training, and consulting services, we’re continuing to improve the procedures to do so.”

Stronger Customer Relationships

Edesel says, “Today’s global trend is for companies not to use warehouses and storage areas. Therefore, every order becomes an emergency order. The customer needs it right away. The Kiwiplan system is helping us meet our target to supply products when customers request them; these orders no longer are an ‘emergency’ but are orders that are managed with ease and consistency. Having the right information in the right place at the right time enables us to deliver products to our customers when they need it. Customers trust us because we can deliver what we promise. Additionally, we save on the costs associated with not carrying unnecessary inventory.”

The Triple Play

“Through the collaborative efforts of Trombini, Kiwiplan and their Brazilian office in Jundiaí headed by Luis Pedroso, and Goettsch Brasil, all requirements in terms of the project timing, installation, and implementation have been met in less than a year without breaking the budget,” notes Roberto.

“Kiwiplan and Goettsch were fortunate to have a customer like Trombini who is committed to learning and using the software to the maximum advantage,” comments Roberto. “Powerful software such as Kiwiplan’s that offers full automation and an ability to gain in production throughput requires a major cultural shift beyond the old ‘business as usual.’ Trombini not only accepted change but embraced it. The combination has been spectacular, as I have watched the plant perform better and better. With the sophisticated, multi-module software and everything fully operational in Brazilian Portuguese, what we did together was quite an achievement.”

Edesel concurs, “Everyone involved in the project was really committed. We understood and respected the contribution each party brought to the table. None of us allowed distance, language, or cultural differences to get in the way—we all had the same vision and set the same goals. We are proof positive of a true partnership. Trombini is definitely a different, more competitive company now that we have Kiwiplan.”