Unclouding Cloud - Enhanced ERP


Imagine facing this answer on Jeopardy!: ROI, Productivity, Sales, Data, Inventory, and Growth. What question comes to mind?

Obviously, each of these subjects represents significant real-world areas of focus for every wholesaler and distributor. Being able to properly manage them is the primary indicator of a company’s survival which is why so many distributors correctly turn to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions like Cloud-enhanced ERP.

Within just a few short years, Cloud ERP software has quickly risen to become a desired deployment option for many distributors. In fact, Cloud ERP deployments have already captured 25% of total ERP market share and are expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.3% over the next five years (RnR Market Research report, 2017). To understand the surge in Cloud ERP implementations, it’s necessary to more closely explore the benefits distributors receive by putting their heads in the cloud.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Compared to On-Premise deployment, Cloud ERP provides the fastest path to implementation while avoiding the need to fund physical on-site servers and in-house IT support teams. How significant is that? A 2016 report by Nucleus Research found that Cloud ERP customers experience 43% faster ROI and spend 50% less on personnel and one-fifth as much on consulting.

With Cloud ERP, companies experience the additional benefit of having the option of paying for a fixed monthly management subscription instead of the large upfront capital outlay required with On-Premise deployment. These savings allow companies to allocate funds toward other key company initiatives like acquisitional expansion or growing the workforce.

Data Management

Data is a wholesale distributor’s single most important asset as every business function depends on quickly accessing relevant, accurate data. Productivity, Inventory, and Sales are all tied directly to the successful management of business data. By utilizing accurate data, for instance, distributors end up reducing labor costs by eliminating time-consuming part counts and simplifying the flow of products in and out of the warehouse. With data accuracy comes the ability to develop forecasting for guiding sales and purchasing decisions.

When combined with seamless program interconnectivity and companywide accessibility to customer and sales data, Cloud-enhanced ERP streamlines user productivity across all departments. Moreover, secure mobile accessibility provides management the ability to make decisions based on real-time data anywhere business is being conducted.


The ultimate goals of every company are profitability and growth, and the path to growth is made simpler with Cloud ERP.

Beyond the aforementioned benefits of ROI and Data Management, Cloud ERP readily supports growth through its inherent ability to scale at the pace of distributor expansion. With Cloud ERP, there’s no need to purchase additional physical servers to handle expansion unlike with other methods of deployment.

Cloud ERP is further aided through the implementation of a comprehensive software suite. Turnkey software avoids the necessity of purchasing additional programs to broaden the scope of increased business activity—the functionality is already included and ready to work as needed.

Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+

With a broader understanding of Cloud ERP benefits, it’s easier to formulate the missing question from the start of this article: In what ways will Cloud ERP help my business?

Choosing the correct Cloud ERP software provider is crucial to achieving ROI, surpassing growth objectives, and exceeding productivity expectations. Distribution One has the answer: ERP-ONE+. A comprehensive 64-bit software suite, Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+ is the complete, fast, secure solution for today’s competitive, fast-paced distribution market.

The turnkey ERP-ONE+ suite provides wholesale distributors with the exact tools they need to increase user productivity, trust their inventory, and reach ROI targets. To discover more about Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+, contact us at [email protected] or sign up for a software demonstration to see the power of ERP-ONE+ in action.

The answer is: Successful implementation of ERPONE+ Cloud. And the question: How can Distribution One help you?

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