Valley Lighting

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Valley Lighting


CRM, Strategic Pricing

Located in Ansonia, Ct, Valley Electric Supply Company started in 1963 when an electrician had the idea that having an electrical supply store was a lot warmer than wiring new buildings without heat in the middle of January. Back in those days, Valley Electric supplied all things electrical to electricians, factories, and proud new homeowners. A small lighting department was later added to serve the needs of new homeowners. This was the beginning of one of the largest lighting showrooms in CT.

Between their electrical supply store and their showroom, Valley Lighting occupies over 35,000 square feet of space filled with the latest in lighting, home accents, and everything electrical. “When it comes to lighting, a customer wants to see in-person the ambiance of the light, the different brightness and dim levels, the quality and color of the metal structure surrounding it, and so on”, says Frank Capasso, President of Valley Lighting. “Having a showroom with a huge selection of products is something customers really appreciate, and we are thrilled to offer a place where people can come see, touch, and feel our products first-hand”.

Inform has helped us quite a bit. It’s like having an extra employee that always shows up, always knows what to do, and really just helps us to make our customers happy.

Having the right information at the right time strengthens customer relationships, incites loyalty, and allows your team to provide superior service over competitors. Inform’s CRM puts detailed contact information at your fingertips, enabling teams to easily act on sales opportunities, which was extremely important to Valley Lighting as they pride themselves on being a warm, inviting, family-style business; offering the best service, value, and advice to its customers.

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