Create the Highest Quality Baked Goods for the Lowest Possible Cost

  • Improve Consistency – Continuously track and monitor everything from oven temperatures to dough weights, with rules and alarms to alert workers of any variance.
  • Reduce Defects, Waste, or Give-Away – Analyze, detect, and control the variability that causes overfill or underfill with automated data collection, real-time alerts, and visual reporting.
  • Increase Manufacturing Yield – High-volume baking manufacturers and baked goods producers experience massive gains by applying automated SPC to their production lines.

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By utilizing InfinityQS to implement SPC and Six Sigma best practices across our manufacturing processes, Ben & Jerry’s will continue to identify opportunities for cost savings and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The result is the perfect pint for our customers.

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Nina King

Quality Supervisor

VIA IT’s automotive manufacturing solutions set the industry standard in traceability and sequencing software for the plant floor. In my opinion, it is the one product that all others should be compared to.

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Matt Warren

Traceability Manager

With Kiwiplan MES software, we have created plant-specific business rules and customized the solution to fit our exact paper packaging needs. It has helped us increase visibility across all facilities and stay competitive in difficult market conditions.

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Thomas M. Herlihy

Executive Vice President