Centralized Data Get the Insight You Need

Centralized Data Get the Insight You Need

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Video Transcription:

What are the benefits of centralized data?

Doug Fair: Imagine taking all of your different quality systems and having all the important data from those systems flow into one place. We call that a unified data repository because it’s centralized. You’ve got instant access to it because it’s a cloud-based system. And it’s cool because then you can look across all of your production lines, your plants, and even across regions, crossing the entire enterprise. When you’ve got that kind of access to data, then you can analyze the data because it’s in a centralized format. Matt Tweedy: Centralized data is a huge benefit. No only down at the individual operator level but all the way up to the high-level executives who are comparing multiple manufacturing sites around the world. At the operator level, you’re able to ensure that you’re collecting the data the same way as the person on the line beside you, and the person in the next facility that’s one state over, or wherever they may be. You’re doing things the exact same way because you have this one unified system that’s telling you exactly what you’re supposed to measure, when you’re suppose to measure, how you’re supposed to measure, and so forth. And when you carry consistency all the way up to the top level, it means that the way that the data is being treated at site 1, 2, and 3 is consistent and standardized too. So I can make accurate decisions, such as site 2 needs more attention than site 1, because I know everything is everybody’s playing by the same rules.

How does this enterprise visibility enable manufacturers to make global improvements?

Doug Fair: Because it’s standardized, you can roll the data up and get to the point where you can say, “Hey, I know what’s happening in all these different regions, these different plants, different products, and how they’re performing. And that means that I can identify the greatest opportunities for improvement. I can pinpoint where it is that I want to place my limited quality improvement resources, and it means also that we can make great improvements and make the largest improvements first and prioritize those actions.

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