Enact: The Future of Quality

Enact: The Future of Quality
The manufacturing landscape is rapidly changing. Advances in mobile and cloud computing, automation, and connected devices have the potential to give manufacturers a wealth of knowledge about how processes are running, where problems are cropping up, and which products are in or out of spec. The downside? This glut of data can leave your teams running in circles, wasting limited time, money, and resources trying to sift through it in a meaningful way.
The Enact platform is built around exciting new features that organize data in a way that manufacturers are already familiar with.
To address these challenges, InfinityQS® offers Enact®, a cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform that provides unparalleled visibility and unmatched insight into manufacturing quality data. The Enact Quality Intelligence platform streamlines data analysis, placing information into the context of individual roles and empowering everyone, from operators to executives, to make better decisions for better results. Download this free white paper to learn how Enact delivers — 
  • Unparalleled data visibility
  • Targeted, strategic insight
  • Data collection and visualization that works like you do
  • Unprecedented knowledge and understanding of your quality data
Through role-based dashboards, the product surfaces crucial operational quality information to reveal information and actions specific to each user. As a result, Enact provides enterprise-wide visibility and actionable intelligence that enables manufacturers to transform their businesses, reducing costs, optimizing yields, and outpacing the competition.
Enact rewrites expectations about the strategic potential of quality intelligence for manufacturers.
Learn how Enact provides visibility and insight that go beyond traditional quality systems, offering opportunities for global transformation of product quality and competitiveness. Complete the short form, then click Submit.

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