Papers Enlightened SPC For Modern Manufacturing

Papers Enlightened SPC For Modern Manufacturing

Is your SPC software stuck in the past?

Modern manufacturers produce more products across more lines (or more sites) than ever before. To optimize your processes and produce the highest quality products, you need an unprecedented degree of insight into the behavior and quality of every part of your manufacturing lines.
Many SPC software providers claim to support this type of functionality. But if getting this information requires constantly exporting, importing, and manipulating data outside of your SPC software, how much functionality are you really getting?
To address these challenges, InfinityQS® offers a thoroughly modern SPC software solution that enables instant access to data—and enables quality professionals to immediately identify essential information that’s hiding in that data, without time-consuming manual manipulation. With a truly modern model and a centralized, unified data repository, InfinityQS streamlines and simplifies SPC system setup, data collection and entry, and data display and analysis. Download this free white paper to learn— 
  • Why traditional SPC is no longer meeting the needs of modern manufacturing organizations
  • The opportunity that SPC software providers have missed
  • How to determine if your SPC software is stuck in the past
  • How to take a fresh look at SPC best practices

Modernize your SPC software—and your process control capabilities

If your quality management requirements demand that you monitor multiple processes or produce different products with unique characteristics and specifications, different raw materials, and different expected levels of variability, then you need a new approach to SPC. Until you make that change, you can never gain the quality information that you need. To read the white paper, complete the short form, then click Submit.

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