Ensure Product & Quality Compliance

Improve Product Quality & Consistency while Meeting Compliance Requirements

Whether you need to comply with government regulations, meet customer specifications, or simply aim to exceed industry quality control standards, InfinityQS® solutions include built-in features to make your work easier.

Meet Lean and Six Sigma requirements
Process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing rely on solid data-collection plans and operational insight. InfinityQS gives you the ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze process and quality data to meet the demands of such programs.

Improve traceability and reduce recall risk
The ability to find any part or focus in on any process is a must for reliable traceability—and in turn, can help to prevent or reduce recalls. But how can you expect agile, flexible responses to data queries when half the work of gathering or locating data is still being done on clipboards and in spreadsheets? InfinityQS solves this problem with automated, responsive capabilities that simplify collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data, enabling you to find the information you need, easily and swiftly.

Simplify audits
InfinityQS quality and process optimization solutions provide automated, customizable, enterprise-wide quality- and process-data collection, analysis, and reporting so you can keep production moving and satisfy compliance and auditing demands. Keep throughput high and information at your fingertips.

Comply with regulations
In today’s global market, you must juggle the details of multiple national and international regulations and compliance requirements. Meeting those expectations—and managing the reporting and downtime associated with audits and recalls—can drain time, energy, and resources. With InfinityQS, get automated notification when compliance checks are—or aren’t—performed and visibility into potential or actual failures.

Ensure specification compliance
InfinityQS is ISO Certified 9001/2001, so you can have confidence in both quality and security controls.

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Easy to start. Easy to expand.

Enact empowers you to quickly realize the benefits of digital data collection and analysis. Start today with:

  • Five Enact licenses: add more as needed
  • Quick Setup wizard: your guide to configuring data collections
  • Video tutorials and easy-to-use help: available in our Guided Learning Center
  • Flexible expansion: reconfigure your licenses, add licenses, integrate with other manufacturing systems, and move to automated data collection—at any time

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