Focus on Priorities

How SPC Can Help

With today’s Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment becoming increasingly automated and Internet-connected, operators and quality personnel alike are finding themselves swamped with data—not all of which is applicable to the task at hand. Digging through this mountain of information can eat up valuable time and increase the possibility that you’ll miss an important notification or trend. Ideally, a statistical process control (SPC) solution can help you cut through the noise, with the ability to set collection alerts and query data.

Use Enact to Focus on Top Priorities

Big data can be a big headache when you’re trying to keep note of just a few priorities. That’s why Enact® uses standard (yet customizable) role-based dashboards to make your most important data easier to spot. Include the information tiles that matter most to you, based on your role, shift, and more.

An overload of quality data doesn’t organically translate into strategic insight and product improvements. A pile of Excel spreadsheets can’t compare to Enact’s intuitive data filtering, flexible notifications, and sleek dashboard tiles that give you a quick snapshot of where your process quality stands. Of course, you can dig deeper into the details with just a few clicks.

Compare quality data from multiple parts, lines, processes, shifts, sites, and more, so that you can cut straight to the heart of quality issues instead of drowning in individual charts graphs.


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