Reduce Defects and Recalls

How SPC Can Help

The right statistical process control (SPC) solution can help you reduce or even eliminate the amount of defective product that comes off the production line—and thus the number of expensive recalls you must carry out. Recalls are costly in a multitude of ways:

  • Product and material replacement costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Wasted employee hours
  • Lost production time
  • Loss of brand reputation
  • Loss of customers

Use Enact to Reduce Defects and Recalls

Many manufacturers track multiple types of defects, including visual defects. Collecting this data at various intervals for multiple products can become time-consuming. With Enact®, you can collect such data in just one data entry configuration, yet configure separate system alarms for each defect type.

Enact supports the collection, notification, and analysis of both defectives (i.e., pass/fail on items) and defects (i.e., condition count). Multi-level Pareto charts enable the display of defect codes, sorted and displayed by shift, customer code, employee, lot number, part, or any tagged descriptor.

Further reduce defects by maintaining better traceability of raw materials. With Enact’s cloud-based, global, mobile capabilities, you can communicate and observe alerts and monitor quality from any location, 24/7.

Enact provides the precise, configurable data to support a Six Sigma implementation, helping your manufacturing organization extract optimal value from your quality data and reduce or eliminate defective products.