How to Reduce Waste in Manufacturing

Reduce Waste and Scrap: SPC Can Help

A robust statistical process control (SPC) solution can reduce waste by helping your operations team spot critical out-of-spec dimensions. The earlier you catch such issues, the less wasted materials or recalled products you’ll need to deal with. InfinityQS SPC solutions provide the tools you need to catch process problems—fast. Together, we’ve helped our customers save millions of dollars in reduced waste.

Use Enact to Enable Waste Management in Manufacturing

You can’t stop waste if you can’t find it. Too many companies use guesswork to figure out why product isn’t up to snuff. But with Enact®, you can pinpoint how to reduce waste in manufacturing and significantly reduce costs throughout your operations.

When you test quality only at the finished product or final production stage, you can find yourself with staggering amounts of waste and scrap, in ruined product or rework time. Enact enables automatic notifications and staggered quality checks. That way, operators and quality personnel know immediately if a process, machine, or product falls out of spec—and can resolve the problem before it causes too much damage.

Enact enables a “big picture” view of whether processes are running smoothly or need attention. When you see trouble, it’s easy to drill down into the details of real-time SPC alerts and operations status, for better problem-solving and a faster resolution.

Fighting waste is a never-ending battle. With the power to roll up aggregated and historical data across processes, products, lines, and even sites, Enact gives you the ability to track trends and variations that lead to waste—even for processes and products that are within spec. As a result, InfinityQS customers have saved many millions of dollars.