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Variables data (measurements)

What is it?

Variables data is data that is acquired through measurements, such as length, time, diameter, strength, weight, temperature, density, thickness, pressure, and height. With variables data, you can decide the measurement’s degree of accuracy. For example, you can measure an item to the nearest centimeter, millimeter, or micron.

How is it used?

Variables data is normally analyzed in pairs of charts which present data in terms of location or central location and spread. Location, usually the top chart, shows data in relation to the process average. It is presented in X-bar, individuals, or median charts. Spread, usually the bottom chart, looks at piece-by-piece variation. Range, sigma, and moving range charts are used to illustrate process spread. Another aspect of these variables control charts is that the sample size is generally constant.

Use the following types of charts and analysis to study variables data:

These charts, and more, can be created easily using software packages such as SQCpack.