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Why use MSA software?

Measurement Systems Analysis software is designed to identify the components of your measurement system which are contributing to the variation in gage measurements. Variation can come from a number of different sources, including the person using the gage, the parts being measured, the environment where the measurement is taking place, the equipment being used, and so on. MSA studies exist to discover and quantify the amount of variation coming from these different sources, so that corrective action may be taken if necessary.

Routine and properly-executed MSA studies allow users to find and correct situations where an unacceptably high amount of variance is being introduced into a measurement system. MSA software reduces the time it takes to conduct these studies while increasing the accuracy of the results.

GAGEpack linearity plot

How can GAGEpack help?

GAGEpack performs both variable and attribute gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) studies, calculates the uncertainty of your calibrations, and produces accuracy and stability charts.

All the relevant MSA studies that are discussed in the AIAG MSA Manual 4th edition are included in GAGEpack. Users simply enter in the data from the studies and GAGEpack handles all the calculations and generates the charts using the formulas provided by the manual. The results of the studies are stored and available for future reference or easy sharing.