Measurable Benefits with Real-Time SPC

Real-Life SPC

At InfinityQS®, we design and support practical solutions. Our expert industrial statisticians bring Six Sigma Black Belt certification and experience in the areas that matter most:

  • Deep understanding of how manufacturing works in dozens of industries
  • Solving the challenges of today’s technical and economic landscape
  • Supporting the needs of operations, quality, IT, and executive teams

Our customers report measurable improvements and a robust ROI. It’s just one reason InfinityQS has a 97% client retention rate and a 94% client satisfaction rating across thousands of clients and tens of thousands of installations.

Improve Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

We support data that many other vendors don’t, including non-normal distributions, short runs, and startup activities.

  • Our Unified Data Repository stores and processes data so that you can directly compare quality across multiple—
    • product codes
    • production lines
    • production sites
  • Analyze complex, real-time or historical data within one chart or report.
  • You don’t need to export and manually manipulate data to support complex analyses.

Real-Life Client Results

  • 14.4% average reduction in data-collection time
  • 17.1% average reduction in reporting time

“Resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.”

“No other system would allow us to integrate real-time process data from disparate systems into MES or launch automated alerts and actions to give our engineers intelligence and feedback. InfinityQS has proven vital in resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.”

Reduce Scrap, Waste, and Risk

Easily analyze quality data to optimize processes, minimize waste, and uncover significant savings. 

  • Reduce production scrap and waste.
  • Improve process capability.
  • Simplify communications by using automatic notifications.

Real-Life Client Results 

  • 12.7% average reduction in weekly scrap14.1% average reduction in warranty claims
  • 12.9% average reduction in defect costs
  • 10.7% average reduction in escapes

66% annual dollar savings from reduced scrap alone.

One InfinityQS customer saw a 66% annual dollar savings from reduced scrap alone.

Optimize Manufacturing Operations

We offer both on-premises and cloud-hosted SPC solutions. Get the most from your SPC investment by leveraging InfinityQS training, engineering, and help systems to tailor your deployment to meet your unique needs.

  • Give your operations team an SPC solution that is easy to learn and use—and that won’t slow down production.
  • Help your quality team anticipate and prevent quality issues.
  • Use InfinityQS SPC solutions to minimize IT burden.
  • Provide your management team immediate insight into what’s happening across the company.
  • Get a real-time SPC solution that’s easy to use and affordable to try and buy.


Real-Life Client Results 

  • 14.1% average reduction in overtime
  • 14.3% average reduction in man-hour rework

14.1% average reduction in overtime

InfinityQS solutions help you turn quality from a problem to a profit center.

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