Pareto Chart

What is a Pareto Chart?

Pareto charts display defect codes and causes in a simple, easy-to-understand bar chart. But don’t let their simplicity fool you—these charts can be useful statistical process control (SPC) analysis controls.

A traditional use of a Pareto chart like the one shown here would be to count and categorize the types of potential defects that result from a visual inspection of an engine. You can see from this example that the defect “Incorrect Torque” is most prevalent.

Multilevel Pareto Charts

InfinityQS® software takes this chart technology to the next level by supporting multilevel Pareto charts—up to 10 levels deep.

InfinityQS has turned the pedestrian Pareto chart into a robust, sophisticated analysis tool that allows sorting and display of defect codes any way you want—by shift, customer code, employee, lot number, part, time, and more. Any information associated with defect data can be sorted, sliced, and diced.

The two-level Pareto chart shown here includes the same defects as the previous chart but re-sorts the data by engine serial number (yellow bars), then by defect code (blue bars). Clearly the most prevalent defect is “Incorrect Torque,” but the re-sorting reveals additional information including:

  • The engine serial number where the most defects were found
  • The total number of defects for each engine
  • The type of defects found on each individual engine serial number
  • The fact that not all engines include “Incorrect Torque” defects

In our free webinar Box Plots and Pareto Charts, you’ll learn how to gain the greatest benefit from these tools. You’ll learn best practices, how to easily analyze data, and how to use weighting to monetize quality issues.

Automate and Simplify Control Chart Analysis

See how easy it is to access actionable information from your SPC control charts.

See the Pareto Chart in Action

With the power of multilevel Pareto charts,InfinityQS solutions make it simple to identify and prioritize your most important quality improvement activities.

See how InfinityQS reveals valuable quality information and makes SPC easy.

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