Real-Time SPC Data Analysis for Real–Life Quality Improvement Needs

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When it comes to real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC), most solutions begin—and end—with control charts. Although control charts are excellent shop-floor tools, you’ll need other analysis tools to extract maximum information from your data.

InfinityQS® takes you farther. Our sophisticated analysis tools give you the ability to view data across product codes, lines, or sites—all on one report. And that’s just the beginning. Regardless of your manufacturing process—high volume/low mix, or low volume/high mix—InfinityQS has the right analysis tools for your unique situation.

This is real-time, real-life SPC.


Get the flexibility to meet your needs now and into the future, both in terms of functionally and implementation. You can choose from an on-premises solution or a cloud-based platform. Do it yourself or allow our experts to help you maximize the return on your SPC investment.

  • The right tools for every job. We collect, standardize, aggregate, and store data in a single Unified Data Repository, so you can analyze and view it in hundreds of ways—without requiring expensive add-on software, export to third-party applications, or manual data processing. It’s simple to summarize, aggregate, and analyze all of your quality data using InfinityQS analysis tools.
  • Support for real-life challenges and goals. Whether your most pressing priority is to reduce risk, cost, or scrap or to increase product quality or profit margin, your data must be easily accessible and your analysis tools must be flexible. InfinityQS SPC analyses let you parse information your way instead of forcing you into pre-determined analysis methods.
  • Configurable notifications, quality dashboards, and more. Depending on your role and immediate goals, different information can take priority on any given day. That’s why InfinityQS products feature the ability to automatically trigger alarms and communicate them to precisely the right personnel at your plants. Conveniently, a single dashboard can be configured to reveal charts and information targeted to different unique users. This allows a single interface to be repurposed for a wide variety of needs and users while minimizing time spent configuring the system.


InfinityQS serves the real-time quality needs of all industries. We have designed our SPC solutions with flexibility to meet the widest possible range of scenarios and to support a big-picture view of your entire operation.

  • Support for challenging production environments. For manufacturers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Medical Device, and Pharmaceuticals industries, SPC efforts can be more challenging because of regulatory demands, short production runs, and frequent product changes. InfinityQS software was originally developed with these complexities in mind so you won’t struggle to deploy SPC. Our products provide extensive traceability and easy data access to help you significantly reduce audit prep time and recall risk. We understand quality—and it shows in InfinityQS’s certifications for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.
  • Low mix/high volume or high mix/low volume scenarios. Our software products can be used across all stages in the manufacturing process—from raw material receiving inspection to machine startup activities—all the way to final finished goods. Best of all, you get this functionality natively—no need to buy additional software modules. Our advanced statistical techniques allow our SPC solutions to support high-mix/low-volume production environments, enabling you to analyze process consistency across production lines that make diverse products.
  • Sophisticated comparative analysis tools. Extract previously unknown information from your data with tools that support comparisons across product codes, production lines, and even different geographic locations. Our solutions simplify analysis and enable direct comparisons and insights that other products simply can’t. And our powerful analysis engine enables the types of queries and comparisons that Six Sigma programs depend on.


Your real-time SPC solution shouldn’t slow down your production line. Our solutions are plant-floor friendly and provide fast setups, fast data collection, and even faster data analysis. Plus, we help you expose process improvement opportunities you never knew existed, so you can save even more time and resources.

  • One setup to support multiple product codes and processes. With InfinityQS, you get full functionality “out of the box.” After initial setup, expanding across products or processes is simple, requiring very little configuration time.
  • Enhanced and comprehensive comparison capabilities. What good is a unified database if it doesn’t unify your quality data in a useable way? InfinityQS makes it easy to run comparisons across products, shifts, lines, and even sites—all on one chart, report, or dashboard. Summarizing data is simple and you get the visibility you need to better manage overall quality.


You have enough on your plate. Your real-time SPC solution should reduce burdens—not add to them. InfinityQS quality solutions help reveal the most important information for you automatically, so you can act immediately.

  • See your most important information first. Why settle for SPC products that don’t help you see what really matters? Our SPC products help you prioritize quality data and the way you see it so that you get the information you need quickly and with minimum effort.
  • Complete support. From a help system that includes videos and multiple languages to highly trained technical support staff, degreed engineers, and training classes, InfinityQS support helps our clients maximize the return on their SPC system.
  • Automated real-time alerts and notifications. Quick responses are vital when problems occur. When issues happen, InfinityQS solutions send real-time automated alerts to the people who need to know.


At InfinityQS, all of our salespeople, engineers, and quality experts hold a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. And we employ statisticians and Six Sigma Black Belts. We are committed to providing our clients real-world experience in quality technologies, manufacturing, statistics, and process control. With nearly 30 years of expertise in the real-time SPC market, InfinityQS understands your needs and how to solve your greatest challenges.

  • Staffed by quality experts. Our team understands your needs. We have extensive manufacturing and quality expertise. We’ve been where you are. Our experts include industrial statisticians, certified quality engineers (CQEs), and Six Sigma Green and Black Belts. Together, we have more than a century of on-site deployment experience in every environment imaginable, across the globe.
  • Nearly 30 years of experience. Since 1989, InfinityQS has helped organizations of all sizes achieve excellence in quality. Quality is the foundation of our business. More than 40,000 active licenses are in use in organizations across the globe. From Fortune 100 companies to small manufacturing shops, InfinityQS clients benefit from our real-world approach to SPC software solutions.
  • #1 SPC solution (ProFicient™).

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