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At Advantive, our team of Proplanner experts is committed to providing comprehensive support, offering various tools to inform, train, and educate you about our solutions and the challenges they address. From live phone and web support to onsite training, we ensure that you have access to the resources you need. Our website hosts reference and training documents, informative videos, and essential files, enabling easy access to information about our industries and partners, product support, system requirements, and licensing details.

At Advantive, our goal is to help your users quickly learn how to navigate Proplanner efficiently to maximize benefits. We cater to groups of varying sizes, offering both on-site and web-based training solutions. Collaborating closely with your team, we determine the optimal training strategy specific to your needs. Our approach is hands-on and efficiency-driven, designed to conserve your time and reduce rework, accelerating the production of tangible results.

To foster an interactive learning community, Proplanner has also launched a dedicated forum. This platform enables users to ask questions, join discussions, and share ideas, facilitating peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.


Proplanner’s educational resources are aimed at helping users make the most out of these powerful software tools, ultimately improving productivity and optimizing manufacturing processes. Structured to provide both free and premium support to universities, these resources are ideal for learning how to maximize the benefits of Proplanner’s software suite to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Free Subscription
    The free subscription equips universities with software licenses for Flow Planner, Workplace Planner, and ProTime Estimation. However, it’s important to note that these programs require users to have access to AutoCAD licenses, as AutoCAD Lite is not supported. Proplanner’s free resources also extend to technical setup and support, including educational blog entries and YouTube tutorials.
  • Paid Subscription
    For universities needing a more immersive training experience, Proplanner offers a paid subscription that includes everything in the free package along with 5 hours per academic year of access to their technical support team. This service includes installation assistance, Q&A sessions, and personalized demos. It also incorporates a range of custom webinars for classes, support for senior design team CAPSTONE projects, and 1-on-1 webinars for lab assistants, graduate students, and professors.
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